Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wanton destruction - the human way

Human destruction of nature knows no bounds.
Badgers in England are soon set to face shotgun rounds.
Hopefully, though, to their sets they'll go
And shelter in holes deep underground.

Bovine TB is a vicious disease
Causing farmers and cattle deadly unease.
But slaughtering wildlife in their thousands
Will curtail this killer only to the tiniest of degrees.

Humans inextricably rely on biodiversity,
Without which we'd never have food as plenty.
For bees in praries to rainforest trees
Are vitally necessary for the survival of our species.

It's the ultimate disgrace that in order to make pace,
Nature and wildlife we race to displace.
With unerring certainty we slash and burn,
Which we'll learn to regret, too late, when the wind starts to turn.

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