Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Maya's climate apocalypse

Since civilization's empires ruled over,
Irrespective of power, or order;
From ancient Mycenae to Tang and Maya,
Collapse has been wrought through nature's plunder.
Bouts of cooling, droughts and flooding destroyed
Irrigation, farming and trade's finer joys.
Civil crisis brought famine and stark employ;
Invasion, finally, to nations despoiled.
Fast forward to globalized society,
Interconnected from France to Tahiti.
Rather than salvation in numbers, surely
Climate collapse will wreak mass insecurity.
But unlike Mycenae, Maya and Tang -
We have read the signs...  it's in our own hands.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


To accumulate
You must speculate.
But what use is speculating?
When there's nothing
To accumulate.
Unless something is made
Of our situation,
Remiss has bade.
We must manufacture
A fiscal future.
Time is better spent
When there is something
To show for it.

Debanking the myth

Basis for economy.
Where is the money?
If the US owes China,
Does China own the US?

Fiscal dreams

As venereal disease
Sweeps through the hareem;
Fiscal dreams
Lead us to lascivious oblivion.