Thursday, 13 September 2012

Curtailing creationism

An alliance of science in the face of unenlightened defiance of the facts of life will surely at some point in time prevail.

After 500 years, Copernicus’ idea that around the sun the Earth does run should be patently clear.

But this idea is yet to be endeared to a fifth of God-fearing Americans who 2000 year old scriptures revere. 

Worse still, creationists foolishly instil lies to their children at church and school in regions where ignorance unfortunately rules.

It’s unbelievably arrogant to think that man was put on this planet and the plants and animals were made for us to abuse.

The fossil record unequivocally shows, in bones and DNA from mammoths that froze, that evolution is the only explanation to how we arose.

It’s completely insane that there’s even a debate to whether inane creationism is taught alongside science.

So let’s stop pussyfooting around, intelligent design is completely unsound.  It’s time to curtail this ridiculous fairytale and finally let science in the end prevail.

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