Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Slam poetry tribute to Thought for Food

Thought for Food you have enabled me.
I never thought I'd
Live out of bins, please forgive me
Though I might be arrested,
This should not go uncontested.

Outside the box -
we pondered,
How to feed a world
Where fields turn to rocks,
Wells run dry, lives asunder.
One billion starving, the facts are alarming.

Eat locusts,
The economics show us
That for each kilogram of grain we get the same back in meat stuff.
Which is better than feeding
A field full of cows, with food from the poor, starving and needing.

Thanks Crissy Spice
For this chance to form a plan
That might suffice to solve the global food crisis.
 TFF cannot be bested,
I just hope the world cares what we've invested.

In three months we had late nights,
We drank more beer
Than might start a fight some late night, in Manchester.
Though if you come visit don't mind the weather
And remember
That we'll pursue Thought for Food forever.

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