Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Houses of Parliament

I arrive at the Houses of Parliament gate,
Behind, lies Cameron's fat, shiny face,
Buffed with oily lacquor of peasant's elbow,
Varnished with licks of Osborne's sticky jizzum.

All around me I sense the sheer twattishness
Curdle my saliva, so I nigh on choke
On the fumes of politically tarnished lives,
Smouldering in piles of rechid manure.

Of a sudden, I might have spied the truth,
Nagh, 'tis Pickles gorging on an obese hen.
I'm engulfed by supercilious white men
As if Suffrage was just a smelly fart.

I wander into a bile-tainted bookshelf
Of crusty volumes spouting spurious pish.
An alarmingly loud babble of buffoons,
Rabbling nonsense as the toddler's tongues twist.

I cry for common sense, but my silent words
Are drowned beneath the seething, callous spit,
As a rain of ignorance drenches the stalls
And the thick, rising mucus throttles my wit.

And there is Milliband licking the drips,
The pandemic meets no antiviral drug.
The system is tainted, the infection persists,
As the candid cure drains toward the plug.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Terra crima

YE, bastions of mindless misery
Sink us under a hyperglycaemic fit,
Rendered blind beneath shroud, and seemingly

Free as the caged bird flutters pinned wings,
Immersed and writhing in excrement's soil.
The horned beast thrives not below but within

We blinkered who see not a soul in our spoils;
We ravenous rampage like virus through host,
The pathogen who reaps unrepentant toil.

This pestilence presses on ceaseless encroach,
Top-heavy with teeth sunken, sucking at vein.
The sepsis seeps through while the septic feel loathe

To poison vessels lest lose monet'ry gain,
Or the burgeoning vaults of countless fresh air,
With no breath for the poor, trampled in disdain.

Cry Shame! On this scum. Cry Shame! Nowt is fair;
The chimneys still choke, chide and crassly divide,
The fields lie in tatters, the rainforests bare.

As a scientist's flask of culture, finite
This steaming sphere about to suffocate
Due to hooved carcass yielding fat-feigned delight.

So long, the masses, apathetic abstain;
A pathetic future, so much for the brain.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Paradise lost

From Paradise
we roll the dice,
The chance to thrive
has locked us in-
-To strife, we're bound
but not a sound,
The cretins last,
the wise unfound.


We once were one,
we once were small.
T'was all for one
and one for all.
That once ensconced,
but all at once,
What once was once,
has gone... 
   We fall.


Too many
this earth,
Too many
to change,
Too many
Too many

A burden
to many,
A burden
the brain,
A burden
the brave
  we'll never sustain.
A burden
the brave
  And cursed
    we remain. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

From the depths of hell

The storm circles high above
Yet long before the tremors trawl,
Thunder crashes,
Lightning forks,
But ear muffs dull Earth's deathly call.

The plague of seven billion swarms,
Slashing trees and spitting fire.
As hell erupts,
The corrupt cry,
For pitiful piety, though end is nigh.

From depths of hell and like a shade
My day is night, my night's awake.
I tread the brazen,
Perilous path,
For want to try, mid failure's wrath.