Sunday, 9 September 2012

It must be best to ingest insects

Insects can be pests,
but instead it must be best
to put our minds at rest.
As at my behest,
not with the least bit of jest,
may I suggest
that on the largest possible scale
insects we ingest.

Insects are flavoursome,
nutritious and wholesome.
And on the the whole,
some of us say,
that we might see them
as less than gruesome.
Or maybe a luxury item become,
which is the case in Vietnam,
Thailand and then some.

Insects are truly
environmentally friendly,
and moreso, surely,
than cattle too plenty.
Ruminants are costly,
wasting far more energy
than insects converting
their energy efficiently.

7 kilos of wheat
For one of meat
which insects beat
with a seventh to feast.
Thus we may greet
entomophagy with glee
so the hungry might meet
Their need to eat

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