Welcome to Topical Poetry!

I started this blog in 2012 as a PhD student wanting to express my ideas in a more creative way. Little did I know how much I would fall in love with poetry since my first adventures into writing about all things topical, from science and the environment, through to food security, politics and even aspects of social life.

The poems in this blog have a food-security theme, excepting for the minor rants that I deviate towards after hearing the day's news - though after all, this is "Topical Poetry."

In my day job(s), I am Head of Plant Sciences at agrilution GmbH in Munich, while I also regularly contribute scienfitic writing to a range of science websites, including Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK, where I am a part time Scientific Communications Specialist.

I am also a passionate communicator, and have been privileged to act as an Ambassador for Thought for Food since 2011, an international movement dedicated to helping solve the global food crisis with next generation thinking, for who I have performed slam poetry on stage at the last two global summits in Zurich and Amsterdam.

I hope you enjoy my work and please leave comments underneath if you like my topical poems, or have any suggestions / points of discussion you'd like to raise.  I mostly post these things to stimulate a conversation.


Peter Bickerton.

P.S. I have since even ventured into writing touchy-feely poems on another blog, "Prose-ac."

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