I obtained a first class degree in Plant Sciences from the University of Manchester in 2010.  I am now studying for a PhD at the University of Manchester, linked with the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth.  My research interest lies in discovering more about how green algae respond to their environment in a changing climate.  My current favourite organism to work with is Chlamydomonas reinhardtii which is an incredible little half animal / half plant that has everything from flagella (which it uses to breaststroke through water), a huge chloroplast (for harvesting light) and even an eyespot (which actually contains Channelrhodopsin - a very interesting protein that's being used to treat blindness in animal tests).

I have one publication so far, which is a review in eLS: "Calcium Signalling in Plants."

As well as my interest in plants and algae, I am extremely keen on ensuring a secure future of food for the entire planet.  To this end, I competed in Thought for Food 2011, the inaugral competition started by Christine Gould of Syngenta.  This movement continues to gain momentum and has spread from being a European competition to a global project - and there are big things to come!  I continue to act as an ambassador for Thought for Food and will represent them and the United Kingdom at the One Young World Summit in Pittsburgh in October 2012.

The poems in this blog mostly have a food-security theme, excepting for the minor rants that I deviate towards after hearing the day's news - though after all, this is "Topical Poetry."  I hope you enjoy my work and please leave comments underneath if you like them, or have any suggestions / points of discussion you'd like to raise.  I mostly post these things to stimulate a conversation.


Peter Bickerton.

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