Sunday, 2 September 2012

A distaste for food waste

I have a strong distaste for food waste,
And let’s face it - it’s a disgrace
That so much of what we make gets binned or misplaced.

With haste, I may say,
Millions of people would pray
For a taste of that apple you just threw away.

In the supermarket aisles
You’ll find all sorts of deals
Yet these rarely purport to provide wholesome meals.

Three for three pounds
Seems economically sound
But most of these offers see only men on their bin rounds.

In a recession with lower pay
It’s greatly difficult to make hay,
So you’d think far less wastage would help to allay this.

With your meat, bread and fishes
You can freeze to keep freshness.
And you could plant an old onion for next year’s dishes.

Also - try to ignore sell by dates,
They’re pointless and never late;
Just another way of taking away the money you make.

And - If you’re really a maverick
Then raiding bins is a useful trick
Though they might try and arrest you so make sure you’re slick.

These bins are all full of decent food
While in winter the standard is less than crude
Though if you do peruse, leave some for others – don’t be rude!

So to conclude, it would be prudent
If we were to make waste far less abundant
Which doesn’t seem a wholly unreasonable commitment.

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