Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Treading water

I tread the slowly evaporating water,
Which concomitantly drains down the plughole.
Where the plughole leads, no-one is sure,
While clouds from the rising steam unfold
Into the vaguely blue, yet dullset skies,
As thoughts drift, and dissipate, like contrails.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Science can be trusted more than economics

The Economist,
Head in the mist,
Bereft of wits,
Get the gist?

A daft debate,
I read of late,
I can't relate,
To this pisstake.

Should we believe
In science?
We know you don't bereave
The climate.

Science is knowledge,
Based on proof.
Science isn't shoddy,
While your field is a spoof.

An economist
Knows nothing of economics,
You're a comic
If you think you're on it.

The global recession,
Predicted by no-one,
While scientists, already,
Have predicted an outcome.

Global warming,
Is not an empty warning,
It's truly appalling
That science gets this scalding.

The world gets hotter,
The economy looks a rotter.
Get your own facts straight
Before you pursue this laughable tirade.