Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A rebuke to the false French GM "study" on rats

GM maize did not kill the rats that
The French trial lately gave them to graze.

This experiment is expressly redundant
As no-one has expired while GM has been abundant.

This argument is a non-starter, you should rather
Invest your research into making crops scavenge water.

Alas, in a world of climatic disasters it's
Paramount we use a variety of agricultural tactics.

Soon our soils will be sailing in salinity,
Our crops will be wilting and yields diminishing.

But conventional breeding is nowhere near achieving
Salt tolerance in the crops we rely on for eating.

Yet adding one protein, albeit a transgene,
Can dramatically improve a plant's tolerance to saline.

Furthermore these same proteins ensure
That a severe lack of water crops may endure.

Therefore I implore the organic brigade
To embrace GM, forego their furore and terminate this tirade.


  1. Peter, this is beautiful; so beautiful, in fact, that I added a link to it at the bottom of my own blog post at:

  2. Thank you so much David. It's lovely to recieve feedback on my work, especially as positive as this! I'm visiting your blog immediately :)