Tuesday, 28 May 2013

California depleting

Driving route five,
up through California,
Surrounded by sunflowers,
olives and vines.
Predominantly, either side,
I see paddies of rice
drowned in water,
which rarely drips
from clear blue skies.

Alas, what rice is there
When the aquifers run dry?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Yosemite, it's better to be it

Yosemite park is a sight to behold,
But most people stick to tarmac like bitumen to the road.
It's a beautiful world we inhabit, with so much to see -
It's sad most people prefer to view Attenborough on the BBC.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Lankyshire's present

Up passages so narrow
  Th'as to squeeze,
Through steep terraced rows
  'gainst raw Pennine breeze.

Streets once cobbled
  Under hoof and wheel,
Now not a hobble
  Nor cloppity reel.

No mares, no foals
  Lest for deceitful treat.
No mines, no coal,
  To labourer's defeat.

A walk down't' canal
  Old Liverpool to Leeds
Still pit heads at' banks
  But no barges int reeds.

Horse-drawn loads long forgotten
  Unto rod and reel.
Gone the glory days of cotton
  And factories' ferocious peal.

No more are't' bustling mills,
  Now flats or crumbling shells.
No chimneys to adorn the hills
  And bugger all to sell.

Lankyshire once was mighty,
  Weaved the crown its jewels.
Lankyshire now blighted in Blighty,
  Out of work, unrenewed.

Alas in modern times to stride,
  A Lanky lad must leave.
Pints of Wainwright to London Pride,
  And tertiary sector slave.

O'er Watford wider still the Gap,
  Divide grows deep with greed.
Alas, the South would sadly lack
  If not for industrial creed.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Big Farma

It's commonplace these days to chastise the banks.

It's commonplace to chastise genetically modified maize.

It's commonplace to chastise big pharmaceutical chains.

Just think, though...

Without banks, where is your globalised society?

Without genetically modified grains, where is your food?

Without drugs...  ...  ...  ...

Chastise all you will; we were all subscribed, while apparently lacking one.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

No EU turn

It's quite funny,
Cameron and co.
Fully well know
Britain cannot afford
To break this accord.

They won't admit it,
No space to fit
An EU turn
In this highway
To fiscal dismay.

Instead they pander
To the idiotic
Mail reading masses.
Postulating a referendum
That cannot possibly happen.