Sunday, 2 September 2012

Vegetarianism is not the only sustainable solution to overpopulation and malnutrition

Vegetarianism is apparently cause for celebration,
Yet may I remind you it is the cause of overpopulation;
Over ten thousand years we have pursued crop domestication,
Which has enabled our ever inflating civilization.

There was recently news in the Guardian;
Scientists suggesting we become vegetarian.
Yet if in England we just ate venison
This would be a more sustainable solution.

The human species is omnivorous,
We have canines and bicuspids on us,
To chew our vegetable AND meat dishes,
Which doesn’t mean the planet should necessarily suffer us.

In Australia they have plenty of kangaroo,
And for every human there are at least two –
Yet for some reason this isn’t considered food,
Despite being ridiculously good for you.

Yes, we are eating too much beef,
But open your eyes and you will see
That there is a host of other delectable meat,
Including locusts, crickets, fly larvae and bees.

The feast of St. Gratus takes place each year,
In Seattle at a Cafe called Racer – where
A chef named Gordon attempts to endear
People to the thought of eating something they fear.

Yet insects should not be a source of trepidation,
More importantly they may save millions from starvation.
Thus we must persuade the majority of nations
That entomophagy could satiate their malnourished populations.

So, to summarise, it might be wise for those who despise
The thought of eating bugs to open their eyes.
While it is down to people like Girl Meets Bug and I
To try and convince them otherwise.

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