Friday, 14 September 2012

Preposterous protests

One Danish magazine posted a picture of the prophet Muhammad and the Middle East erupted into enraged burning of effigies.

More recently a raging horde in Libya destroyed an embassy and murdered the US Ambassador, in answer to a shoddy film made by one imbecile with a chip on his shoulder.

Do any of these people realise that one person's ideals do not represent the majority of feelings of people in the Western world?

For those who think Islam has been slighted might best stay at home for fear that there might be a deeper crisis - Islam does not look wisest when one film that blights it causes fires and riots.

Free speech should be held in the highest esteem but means conflicting opinions are frequently seen.

Imagine the scene if, every time the church was made to seem less than clean in the Newspapers and magazines, people started burning down stores and factories.

These protests are preposterous, seriously, go and read some proper newspapers where opinion and contradiction is part of progress.

Stop burning effigies and embassies every time one daft article causes unrest and unease, please.

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