Thursday, 2 January 2014

Why can't? - Wish list for 2014

Why can't
females, shemales, males and those
without a gender to predispose,
black men, tanned women, and pasty albinos,
guys with guns and fluorescent flamingos,
gay people, straight people,
bisexual, or confused people,
rich people, poor people,
tall people and small people,
buyers, sellers, traders, merchants,
keepers, carers, masters, servants,
governments, nations, international organisations,
bankers, shareholders and transnational corporations,
transient prime ministers, stalwart back-benchers,
powerful presidents and dutiful dissenters,
prudent police, peaceful protesters,
politicians, judges, scientists and inventors,
farmers with cattle, badgers in sets,
earthworms in topsoil and bees amongst petals,
tropical forests, precious metals,
biodiversity and industrial fettle,
renewable energy and motor driven wheels,
sustainable concern and bountiful yields,
maize, wheat, Monsanto and Greenpeace,
organic fields and genetically modified seeds,
Popes, preachers, teachers, students,
those who are weak and those who are prudent,
just get along?


  1. I really like this one man. Makes me laugh.

    1. Cheers mate! Can't believe I only just saw this comment, but I'm chuffed you enjoy the poem :D