Friday, 3 January 2014

Dark Starry Night

From near and far the troops came down,
And rounded up with baton and hound,
The streets fell silent, a barren new town,
No children's voice heard from any playground.

In droves, no fewer, the masses were slewn,
And shattered corpses were littered and strewn.
Their blood, running violet, was found seeping through
A trembling landscape and violence renewed.

They who escaped lay trapped by a boulder,
The days drew short and the nights grew colder,
As the women and men sat shoulder to shoulder,
And resilience then became bolder and bolder.

"You bastard!" She said, as he left her for dead,
While the dark, starry night filled her with dread,
And she clutched at the wound to the side of her head,
Then blessed the cold ground and kissed her last bed.

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