Friday, 31 January 2014

The Cabinet, A Canny Name

They're twenty two, to me, to you,
Some like yellow, some look blue,
It matters not, they're lying to you,
Tuition fees and fossil fuels.

The cabinet, a canny name,
Blue or yellow? All the same.
To them, the party's just a name,
They stand for nowt except their gain.

How liberal can a democrat be
If women hardly rule the party?
While Rennard could do what he pleased,
Grabbing boobs and fondling knees.

And for the Tories, what a breeze,
From Eton school to wine soirees.
At birth, a worth, of a billion pennies,
Hard to see, for some, life's not easy.

And lending, spending, what a jive,
Insidious deceit, like drones in hives,
Increasing debt, spreading lies,
An employment rise yet lives demise.

Michael Gove, tyrannical rogue,
Acadamies were his new vogue,
A building new but kids of old,
And not enough to stop the fold.

Their hearts are cold, their minds are set,
The wealthy ones whose cash is kept,
And taken from the poor, in debt,
While MPs wage increases yet...

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