Thursday, 9 January 2014

Imagine if...

Imagine if,
instead of just aristocrats,
instead of just idiots in ties, and cravats,
instead of just rich, white, supercilious men,
instead of the same, stifling, stuttering cabinet...

We had one composed
of those we chose
from a selection of the best,
to which no person is closed.

Imagine if,
instead we had women,
as many as we have men,
instead we had gay men,
instead we had lesbian women,
instead we had black, white, tanned and tattooed people,
instead we had disabled people, able people, and failed people,
instead we had scientists, artists, and anarchists,
instead we had plumbers, joiners and carpenters,
instead we had people from every walk of life,
working together to make things right...

It's nice to imagine.

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