Monday, 23 September 2013

Thought for Food, Berlin 2013 - a poetic tribute

Thought for Food convenes in Berlin,
Hundreds of changemakers network within
The old coinery, at zwei Molkenmarkt
To seed ideas from neuron to farm.

A cartload of cardboard from the talented Oupas!
Bedecks the interior of the teeming Alte Muntze.
Teeming! With thought, and those who care,
To drive solutions, make the world aware;

There's a crisis faced by one and all of us,
Billions of people are starving asunder...
As climate change rips through like thunder,
The net effect is ever more hunger.

But hungry we are to fix this abhorrence,
From India to Holland ideas flow in torrents.
We're all well aware of food in abundance
But cry in despair that we're drowning in waste.

A change to this stasis is now taking place,
A global community who'll bust a gut to make
A food secure future, nutritious, full plates,
That'll leave, for all of us, a joyous, sweet taste.

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