Monday, 9 September 2013

The Syrian Dead

One hundred thousand Syrian dead,
A rifle, bomb blast, shrapnel to head.
 There are no good guys,
Lunatics on either side.

Assad looks to Russia,
The Rebels to the USA.
 Aha! Chemical warfare,
There must be foul play.

Let's go to war, blindly
Fire missiles into this desperate pit.
 The USA decides,
Whether chemical warfare is legit.

Apparently, napalm over Vietnam,
And nuclear fury over Japan,
 Does not fill the criteria,
No mass hysteria.

One rule for one,
Another for the others.
 The USA should have no say,
After years of rampant slaughter.

No matter gunshot, missile or nerve gas,
The crisis in Syria will long be nervous.
 The western powers may well inferfere,
But history suggests we'll just deepen the mere.

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