Monday, 30 September 2013

Lament of the climate change deniers

Who are these cretinous idiots?
These despicable morons.
These neuron-free vessels
With lungs between the ears.

More than a mere nuisance,
These playdough-minded fools,
Refuse, point blank,
To absorb the facts,
But stare, vacantly,
Disregarding the future,
No repent for the fury
We bestow upon our present.

A malevolent band
Of cold-hearted flagrants,
Chilling within themselves
A warming so apparent.

Soon to lament
This sorry, blind reticence
To that which is more
Than merely a fable,
But unyieldingly plunders,
While they stew, unable
To accept what will come.

What will be.

What is fated.

If we lie down,
To injurious apathy.

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