Sunday, 25 November 2012


Must we live in a world with flagrant distaste of changing the stasis?
Where vacant masses waste in apathetic recesses?
Where a faceless race for ignorance is bliss?
With stagnant fools in every place, no names to put to faces?

We're in some ugly state
When some dumb fucks
Would rather decide the fate
Of some talentless runt
On the X-Factor,
Than to prise their rapidly expanding arse
From the sofa,
And vote for,
Their future head of state.

It's a farce, but in no way a humorous display,
It seems brains are scarce in the populus today.
Though seeding my greater disdain is the inherent idiocracy
That voting for a majority between two wholly similar parties constitutes democracy.

Socrates would be falling to his knees
If he witnessed the ease at which we abandon our liberties.
The outlook is bleak in this meek society
Where free thinking is dwindling and sheep follow sheep.

Baaa Baaa
Is the only sound that abounds
From the millions around who don't give a shit.

At schools we should have exams at giving a shit;
Those who don't give a shit would be forced to eat shit.
Maybe then they'd sit up and do something about it,
Or maybe they just wouldn't give a shit
And eat more shit because someone told them to do it.

It seems easier to be stupid,
Breathe, walk, eat - that's it.
Oh, and don't forget to not give a shit. Eat shit!

This idiocracy demands a new philosophy
Where brains are valued beyond histology.
For wanting to change the world I make no apology,
The folly of our current direction is absurd.

For a start let's rekindle the art of conversation,
While we're talking we'll foster a sense of cooperation,
Of community, unity and love for all nations,
Let's mingle and kindle some proper relations.

And when we're chatting please mean what you say,
Say what you mean and we'll be okay.
Like what you like and live free of scrutiny,
Free of the vice of what people want you to be.

For we are all free if we just think it,
If we just break the link to blind conformity.
Socrates died for his right to think freely...
Let us not wind up in a mindless idiocracy.

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