Saturday, 10 November 2012

Barack Attack

Obama's back with a Barack attack.
A democratic whack on republican tack.

Mitt's in the pits with his questionable wits.
I'm in bits in fits he ever got picked.

But I'm deflecting my affection for the media erection over the US election.
One presentable, the other resentable, at least the electorate selected the sensible.

Some might, and I do, say the USA has had its day.
The global sway of power play is heading East, allez Bombay.

The tide is high, demise is nigh.
Arise mighty China it's time to ride.

On the breeze and over the seas,
Like Chinese chippies a new supremacy.
America exports Maccy D's and KFC's. Jeez...

I'd rather have Dim Sum or Jalfrezi please.

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