Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kyoto, where did you go?

The cravatted convene together unseen,
They sign off bills, themselves to ease
The burdens of the calls of many.
Each time, committed, alas to sleaze.

They sneeze us into a snotty tissue,
While mucus runs down to the tummy.
It all sounds yummy, what a breeze
Just write your name down, sign here please.

A tease! A tease! A bloody scandal,
Since Kyoto, less carbon?  Not a trifle.
And this here decade, the UN decreed,
For biodiversity, and did we succeed?

Nay! Nay! Again I say nay!
These bastards bandy burning dismay
To the planet, its people, its trees, its beetles,
It's on all of us, as their words are feeble.

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