Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fake news

Fake news, fake news, fake news is the word since Donald first spread it,

not like his alternative facts were ever in arrears, he just said it,
and like a wildflower starts with a stubbed out cigarette,
now we come to regret printing the words of this toupéed baguette
as they ravage the world like a ram on heat savages his herd of willing sheep.

Fake news, fake news, fake news is the word since the Daily Mail spread it,
not like the left wing are impervious to it, bending over prostrate to its will,
printed one day, round the pub the next, before we know it it's locked in your head,
repeated online and the BBC headlines, through Question time poisoning innocent minds
and suddenly, we all hate the Muslims as well. It's all their fault we're going to hell.

Can't they tell? It's a plague, it's not even vague how these taglines pervade
through our sickly lack of social awareness, the unfairness never ceases to fade.
It pervades the consciousness, it encroaches each day.
Fake news, fake news, fake news.  

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