Thursday, 5 June 2014

Yes, all men

Death, hail, fire and storm
May fall upon these men of scorn.
The bastards hang their prey from trees,
The bastards burn like bitter, green bile.

All the while, around the world
The girls are blamed for being girls.
Women raped for not putting out,
For putting out, they're hounded out.

One rule for scum, the scum doth crawl
While men amongst them shadow in gall.
Like wretched livers, bruised and swoll'n,
The hydroxyl bites but the enzymes fail.

Let's rally, let's rile, at these bastards smiles,
Let's wipe the smirk, in jail let them jerk.
Let them feel the bludgeoning mess from Jimmy
In the seething showers of repentant fury.

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