Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Save our Veggie Cafe - University of Manchester

They're trying to shut our Veggie Cafe,
Some awful news to cause dismay,
For where on campus, may I ask,
Is there to get good food today?

The butties in Sainsbury's are not cheap
And there's bugger all for a vegan to eat.
There's a Morrison's next door, that's poor,
While Food on Campus is hardly a treat.

If you're craving meat, then take a seat,
But if you're healthy you'll face defeat.
There's a dearth of delicious, nutritious fare,
Beware, Manchester, beware.

The Veggie Cafe is often teeming,
Hundreds of students aren't misleading.
The soup is incredible, and readily edible,
Unlike the junk in the Tin Can-teen.

It's obscene and abhorrent this may happen,
What exactly warrants this order to skedaddle?
Whoever demands this, get back on your saddle,
It's preposterous to lead this moronic shambles.

Just go there at 1pm, take a pen,
You can measure the head-count of cock and hen.
I'll say it again, veggie fare is rare,
There's a reason they're there, not any other where.

It's an absolute travesty we could lose this place,
And the tasty sandwiches with olive paste.
It's pretty thrifty, for two pounds fifty,
If you can't see this you're a nutty headcase.

I wrote these words in quite some haste,
While this outrage seems to pick up pace.
But if this wondrous cafe were to waste,
It'd leave us many with a horrid, bitter taste.
(Like the crap which is doled in University Place...
Backtrack, kindly, and you might save face.)

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