Sunday, 16 June 2013

Thought for Food

Thought for food, that's right... really think about it.

For years, people have been telling me
"You're so lucky you are skinny,
you must have such a high metabolic rate."

No - I just put less on my plate,
there's a reason you are overweight.
You're eating too much red meat, fat and sugar.
How about you run a little, and shovel
less into your mouth?
Lo and behold, you've lost a few pounds.

And hey, the world might lose a few cows,
which truly, weight for weight, consume more
and take up more room than even the humans
this world can hardly house.

We have no excuse not to change this lousy situation,
Uproot the status quo for all our salvation.

I wrote these lines in the world's fattest nation,
where the average man is unfased by his expanding waist
due to inhaling four and a half thousand calories a day.

Compare that to the DRC,
where the average man gets by on scavenging less than half that amount to eat.
It's pretty hard to compete,
when three quarters of that man's salary
is spent on food with half the calories.
the fat cat in America
spends but a quarter of that figure
on twice the fast food crap
and making his expanding figure bigger.

Go figure.

We need a revolution,
'cause at the moment the Chinese
are planting palm oil in the DRC -
so how are these people
supposed to grow enough food crops to eat?

There's not one solution,
but we've got to do something to stop mass toxic pollution
on our bodies, fields and forests.

We're almost looking at agricultural absolution.

At the moment, we chop down trees
to grow more soybean,
which we then feed to cattle
so they put on more mass -
but waste most of that
through excreting methane gas
and egesting tons of festering crap.

For fuck's sake, let them eat grass.

If we run out of space for that the so be it.
We'll eat something far more appropriate
asparagus, cabbage, avacado...
or something really sensible like locusts, crickets and ants.

There's already seven billion people on this earth
and already there's a dearth of good, nutritious food
for one seventh of the human world.

They have every right to complain
because their pain
is unnecessarily compounded
by the one billion overweight
who eat the cows
which eat one third of our total grain.

To add to that,
methane gas causes climate change
and ammonia from cows
is the single greatest contributor to acid rain.

This needs to change.

If you can't see it, then so be it.
But you're either a prick,
or too thick to realise
we're heading quickly toward needless demise.

So please, heed these words
and don't entertain the lies
of those deniers
who conspire
to mislead you otherwise.

It's easy to cover your eyes and close your ears,
but in one hundred years,
if you're still alive,
you might just be here
to see the whole wide world
drowning in tears.

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