Monday, 22 April 2013

Gaia abandon - A poem for Earth Day

A glorious, technicolour bundle of life,
Abundant in ores christened within a fiery core.

Blazing a dizzy path around a glistening star;
Flying through infinite, atomless space, and time.

Each passing day a mere revolution among the trillions,
Among the trillions, evolution unto Gaia.

The giver of life and alive of its own accord,
From molecules, to cells - and species in their millions.

A perpetual cycle, over billions of orbits;
In delicate balance until the hordes of voracious hominids.

What was recycled through nature's shrewd proclivity
Now deposited in mounds or spewed out of chimneys.

Alas, of late, whimsical dismay towards cleaning our act;
Decades of promises to enact, yet all have sadly lacked.

We had better revise our Gaia abandon,
Lest we discover that which will surely come
And may well already have happened.

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