Monday, 29 October 2012

One Young World - A Poetic Recollection

 In Pittsburgh, the old steel city
We bold young leaders came in droves
In Pity;
Of a world of illiteracy.
Of starvation and obesity.
A World lacking passion, compassion and dignity.

Along the river, amongst flags that flew
No fewer than 183 countries cruised
And knew;
Those they’d not known before
While those who had renewed relationships more.
New friends alighted together ashore.

Beside the banks – side by side we strode
Like lines of ants toward the Heinz in ranks
To behold;
One Young World awakening.
Philharmonic violins playing cold.
An infant chorus warming hearts of the old.

Distinguished councillors recounted their wisdom
From Geldof, to Yunus, to President Clinton
Who told us;
We must sustainably change tack,
Inequality holds us back,
Insecurity unfolds and withholds us.

Day one, immediately a pledge to end illiteracy
And next Jamie Oliver’s special on obesity
A crisis;
Of one billion worldwide
While millions have no food to buy.
These problems are inextricably tied,

Which is why- Amid boxes and greenery
Was planted the Thought for Food social machine
To uproot;
The unjust status quo,
Novel solutions to grow,
To harvest a secure food future for all.

On Saturday – a chance to break out.
With Hip Hop on LOCK we recorded one beat
At Yo Momz House.
Then the evening complete;
All around town we sat down to eat,
International children in family seats

Along came Sunday – a fond farewell
But not before Kofi Annan could tell
A story;
Of a life in service.
Of sacrifice to nations united.
Of genocides, civil wars and international crisis.

Young leaders, let this be a message.
Let’s not mess things up like previous generations
And pledge this;
To end poverty and illiteracy,
To end hunger and obesity,
To bring equality, security and sustainability

And finally, a thank you to the founders.
To the great Kate Robertson and David Jones
Who found us;
Who brought nations together,
Fostered friendships forever.
It is upon us to change the world for the better.
One Young World – it’s now or never.

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